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Carino Pets Omega-3 Harp Seal Oil Dog & Cat Supplement, 250-mL (Size: 250-mL)

Carino Pets Omega-3 Harp Seal Oil Dog & Cat Supplement, 250-mL (Size: 250-mL)

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Seal oil is the purrfect supplement because it contains not only DHA and EPA, but also DPA – a third powerful omega 3 fatty acid that enhances the amount of the other omega 3s in the body.  DPA is 10X more powerful than EPA!

And because seal oil comes from another mammal, our feline and canine friends can digest and absorb these essential fatty acids much easier than fish oils and other sources of omega-3!

Be prepared, this unique source of omega 3 is sure to bring games of fetch up a notch!  Of course, knowing your pet feels good is the greatest benefit of all!


Skin & Coat - The beneficial effects of omega-3 on skin and coat health include significant improvements in pruritis, self-trauma, hotspots and coat character – as well as reduced shedding!

Many pets suffer from dry flaky skin, particularly in warmer dryer climates, and those with cold, dry winters. Omega-3 helps to maintain the skin barrier which nourishes your pet’s skin and coat, restoring moisture and reducing itching and scratching caused by dry skin.

Omega-3 improves the overall health of the hair follicles, which can decrease the amount of hair that is shed. It keeps your pet’s skin moisturized and hydrated, reducing shedding by protecting fur from the roots. Not only does this benefit your pet – but also pet owners who suffer from pet allergies!

Moisturized, healthy skin also leads to a shiny and beautiful coat – which is a great indicator of your pet’s overall health!

Omega-3 supplementation helps protect the cells that support nail growth and health. This leads to smoother, stronger nails.

Reduced Inflammation - Omega-3 is shown to control inflammation associated with dermatological conditions in both cats and dogs. Omega-3 supplementation may result in significant improvement in pruritus, self-trauma and hot spots. 

Allergies Omega-3 supplementation in pets with allergies may reduce their itching by decreasing their body’s production or release of potent stimulators of inflammation, called cytokines.


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